Mail delivery system in the United States

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the primary mail delivery system in the United States. USPS delivers more than 150 billion pieces of mail each year to over 160 million residences, businesses, and Post Office Boxes. The USPS operates over 31,700 retail locations and almost 617,000 vehicles. It has a workforce of over 630,000 employees.

The USPS has been in operation since 1775. It is one of the oldest federal agencies in existence. The USPS has undergone several changes over the years, including a major reorganization in 1971. In 2007, the USPS was facing financial difficulties and was forced to make significant cutbacks. In recent years, the USPS has been working to increase its efficiency and improve its financial situation.

The USPS delivers mail six days a week to every address in the United States. First-class mail (including letters, cards, and flats) is delivered within one to three days. Standard mail (including packages) is usually delivered within three to five days. The USPS also offers express mail service, which guarantees delivery within two or three days.

The USPS offers a variety of services, including postal money orders, package tracking, and certified mail. The USPS also provides free shipping supplies and boxes for some types of mail. Most post office locations offer a self-service option for customers who prefer to use automated machines to buy stamps and send mail.

The USPS has been criticized for its high rates, delays in mail delivery, and poor customer service. In recent years, the USPS has been working to improve its service levels. The USPS has also been facing competition from private companies such as FedEx and UPS.

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